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In a fast and ever changing world, the only real luxury is time. Every second is of infinite value. This is my journey creating KeepSafe.



What is KeepSafe?

KeepSafe Schools is the first company to pioneer online educational emergency care content in South Africa. At KeepSafe Schools, we aim to provide safe, secure and life-saving health technology to schools, students and parents across the country. By replacing traditional paper records with encrypted information and statistics, our technology will provide easy and fast access which will empower staff and students in the event of any medical emergency.

The seamless integration of KeepSafe into the day to day running of a school will ensure that every parent will have the peace of mind that their child is kept safe.



Data is only valuable when converted into information that can be easily digested by administrators. Sharing critical, easy to read pieces of information directly with staff will provide valuable insights into the wellness of the school community.


Keeping parents up to date and informed in those crucial seconds.

Instant SOS Alerts.

Instant notifications are sent the moment your child’s emergency profile is accessed and you will receive updates about their condition and location.

Outbreak Notifications.

KeepSafe Schools will be able to share health tips and warnings of outbreaks to parents so illnesses don’t turn into school wide epidemics.

Simple Registration.

Unlike your typical patient history form, our easy and intuitive registration process will help you quickly capture your child’s basic information and medical history.


KeepSafe within the classrooms.

Teachers are often the first responders when children and teens are in need of urgent medical attention. At KeepSafe we aim to equip educators with the necessary tools to make a tangible difference to the safety of the children under their care.


Exploring made fun again.

KeepSafe Students focuses on presenting first aid, health and wellness teaching material to kids in a fun approachable manner. Never further than a few taps away, we envision the KeepSafe applications to be a constant companion in your child’s school career.

KeepSafe for all stages of life.

KeepSafe can make reaching out for help easier, putting vulnerable teens in touch with trained counsellors. Because we at KeepSafe know your child’s mental wellbeing is just as important as their physical health.

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